Frequently Asked Questions

What fuels do your lanterns use?
Most of our lanterns can be equipped for Natural gas or propane. (Exceptions are noted on the products. All Charleston Lighting lanterns can be equipped for electric lighting.)

How long will it take to build a custom lantern?
The time for a custom lantern is approximately 6-8 weeks. This time frame may vary, please call for specific information.

How will my lantern be mounted?
All of our lanterns can be wall mounted, most can also be mounted on a standard (pole) or hanging by a yoke or a chain.

Why must my gas lantern be hung on a yoke or stem?
Hanging a gas lantern within a yoke or on a stem keeps the lantern from swinging freely, which can weaken the gas line and possibly cause a rupture. Historically the arms were used to lean the ladder against while refilling the fuel and lighting the lantern.

Are your lanterns certified by CSA?
Yes, all of Charleston Lighting’s gas lanterns are CSA approved & certified. Our production facility is audited quarterly by a CSA representative for quality control.

What is the required pressure in a gas line for a gas lantern?
We recommend that you use 10-12 inches of water column pressure (10 xxxx). If you are having problems with your lantern staying lit and the pressure is 8 inches of water column pressure or less this may be the problem.

What size gas line fittings are needed for installation of a gas lantern?
You will need a standard ¼” copper gas line with flared fitting.

How are your Standards (the pole) installed?
Our standards are cast to be secured at the base by anchor bolts when installed on cement. The Standard can be a direct burial (24”) for installation that is not on cement.

What gauge of copper do you use to manufacture lanterns?
We use 24oz copper for most lanterns. We also use sheet thicknesses that vary from 16oz to 32oz for various parts and accessories.

How does an electric igniter work?
Electric igniters work off a standard 120 v current. A 24volt transformer MUST be used to reduce the current. Our igniters are equipped with a photo cell (dusk to dawn switch) that allows for the automatic lighting and shut off of the burner during nighttime hours. You may also install a light switch to allow for early cut off.