Welcome to Charleston Lighting and Manufacturing, Inc.

Since 1971 our companies have been furnishing copper gas and electric lanterns to a world-wide audience.
Please view our hand made Copper Lanterns from our Charleston Lighting, Faubourg Lighting, and Charleston Gas Light designs.
Our PROJECT REFERENCES section will provide you with a  look at some of our work through variuous styles and designs.
Call Charleston Lighting today at 1-800-661-9224 to place an order or if you have any other questions.

MADE IN THE USA            

All of our gas and electric copper lanterns are MANUFACTURED and ASSEMBLED here in the USA by our coppersmiths and craftsmen that take exceptional pride in making our lanterns. All lanterns are made from 99.4% cold rolled 122 CR ¼ hard copper from American mills in 16, 20 and 32 oz.. Solid brass is used on all our screws, nuts, and bolts which are manufactured in the USA. Our burners are brass and manufactured here in the USA.

You can find cheaper “copper” lanterns (China and India routinely add tin and zinc to copper lanterns as a filler which causes the lantern to deteriorate after a couple of years) but don’t be fooled by the price of these inferior lanterns from overseas. Quality can never be replaced by purchasing on price alone. Let’s put America back on top.  BUY QUALITY-BUY AMERICAN.

We are a CSA Certified Compliant Facility.  All of our copper lanterns are made in compliance with all National and Local Fire/Electrical Codes for gas and electrical illuminating devices. BUY AMERICAN, even if it is from a competitor. Just make sure the competitor actually manufactures it here in the USA.

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