Gas Ignition Systems function properly if installed correctly.  The measure of any company's worth is in how they handle defective merchandise.  In the area of Electronic Gas Ignition systems, there can be no greater consideration given to the use of an Electronic Ignition System than this simple fact. The question to consider is simple.  Ask any competitor how they handle service calls with Electronic Ignition Systems.  Can they project themselves as a company to your location (where ever that may be) to meet any service requirement and be available to be on a job site if a problem occurs?  WE CAN AND WE WILL responsibly handle any service issue that occurs from any defective workmanship or defective part we manufacture or install and we will be at your front door to do so if required. With that said:

we use an Electronic Ignition System manufactured here in the US applying our  proprietary designs. These are available in 110/120 V and 24V systems for use with either natural or propane gas. These systems are designed for commercial and  residential use in all 50 states. We will provide technical assistance and interaction with your contractor, architect, gas company, and provide stamped drawings for permitting  in areas that require such. The normal guarantee from the manufacturer of our Electronic Ignition Systems is one year.  We extend that guarantee to three (3) years based on our expertise in manufacturing and installation techniques.   If your ignition system fails, we will replace the defective parts for three years at no cost to you.  Your plumber can easily change out the boards and or sparking units with little effort. We allow a credit of 100.00 for this installation on any failed unit.

Please see the below picture and schematic and call for additional information.