About Us

      Charleston Lighting & Manufacturing has over 80 years of combined history in the manufacturing of handcrafted copper lanterns. Our coppersmiths are the most talented and dedicated in the world. Our production facilities allow us to produce our existing product lines, as well as custom designs to meet almost all requests for "Special Projects".

      On this site, Charleston Lighting is pleased to present our collection of Charleston Lighting products which now includes Faubourg Lighting Designs and Charleston Gas Light Designs which we purchased in 2012. Faubourg Lighting has been producing New Orleans Style Copper Lanterns for over 45 years. Charleston Gas Light has been producing Charleston style copper lanterns for almost 15 years.".  Our 2013 acquisition of Savannah Copper Lanterns now gives our  customers a high quality copper lantern in a limited selection available for shipment in as little as 5 days.  Ask about our guaranteed "Savannah  Shipping  Date" or you get the lanterns free.  Choose 1-3 of any Savannah Copper Style Lantern  and if  they are not  Shipped  within 7 business days, your order is FREE, 4-6 lanterns shipped 9 business days or FREE, 7-10 lanterns shipped in 14 business days or they are FREE.  11 and above call for a fair negotiated delivery date with the same FREE lantern guaranteed if we miss the shipping date. 

      The ability of Charleston Lighting  to manufacture and produce lanterns weighing from 600 lbs and 14 feet in height to lanterns 10" high gives "YOU" the customer, a broad range of options to choose from in your custom needs for both small and large projects. Our recent acquisitions   provide  a combination of over 150 designs to choose from with an unlimited source for small design changes that give you that perfect look. We proudly manufacture all our products here in the USA and purchase all  parts such as electrical sockets and brass only from US firms made from stock here in the US. Please allow us to share our experience in manufacturing copper lanterns with you and design or help you choose the lanterns that will be last a lifetime and be that special finishing touch to yor home. Lifetime warranty on all products manufactured by Charleston Lighting provides you with the best of the best.

      Thank you for considering our products and please call us if you need additional information.